No Nonsense SizeGenetics Review 2015

What is SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is a device designed to extend your penis.  Really that is it.

For those of us that like more details:

  • SizeGenetics is one of the few devices that is backed legitimately by multiple doctors!
  • SizeGenetics is also a Registered Type 1 Medical Device
  • The SizeGenetics team has recently worked with 3M to create specifically designed comfort plasters.  (This is a major complaint of many of the other penis extenders)
  • Beside medical doctors backing the device there are countless testimonials from guys out there, like you and me, that have extended their dick by using this device.
  • SizeGenetics has been around for close to 20 years … think about it.  How can a penis extender continue to be sold if it wasn’t effective?  SizeGenetics has withstood the test of time.
  • Perhaps you’re on the fence and not willing to commit yet.  The extender does not come cheap.  The starter version is $199.95.  Here is the clincher, the manufacturers of SizeGenetics are so confident in their product that they are including a 6 month (180-day), money back guarantee.

sizegenetics money back guarantee

SizeGenetics Issues?

  • Was Rome built in a day?  No.
  • How long did it take you to memorize the birthday of your wife or girlfriend?  Months, right?
  • If you lift weights or are a runner … you get the damn picture.
  • You must work at this guys.  You’re NOT going to gain inches in days, that is not physically or scientifically possible
  • One of the reason they offer a 180-day money back guarantee is to give you enough time to really exercise your member.
sizegenetics graph of penis percentage increase over time


SizeGenetics, Does it work?

  • First off guys.  Yes, you can extend your penis.
  • There are published clinical studies about SizeGenetics.
  • This is more subjective, but think about how you’ll feel in the bedroom.
    • What if it’s a high-school or college ex-girlfriend that you haven’t seen in months?  You unzip your fly and kaboom!  Your SizeGenetics extended dick flops out and she starts to salivate at the site of it.  Hehe.
  • The SizeGenetics device is based on real science and earlier versions of this device were used by penis enlargement surgeons to ensure the best results for their patients.

penis extenders work

How Does the SizeGenetics Device Work?

The SizeGenetics device, and other high-quality penis extenders work by controlled periods of tractive force.  What happens is microscopically, during the tractive/stretching period, minute lacerations in the tissue cells occur.  It is these tiny lacerations that provokes the body to generate new tissue cells in that region.  Basically forcing the penis to grow.  Additionally there is increased blood circulation in that region causing the blood vessels to also grow.

The combination of these events make for a longer and slightly wider penis.  Penis extender users may often notice longer lasting and harder erections after treatment.

Here is the kicker, as it is with all things guys, it is not going to happen overnight.  You must be diligent in your use of the device.

Elongation of the penis is a process that happens over time, incrementally.  The penis extender must be worn regularly and often.  It is up to you to set aside the time for this worthwhile investment.

Does SizeGenetics have side effects?

At the time of writing there are no side effects associated with SizeGenetics if the device is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

sizegenetics doctor endorsement

Where Can I Buy The SizeGenetics Device?

There are three SizeGenetic Packages.  The Ultimate, Comfort, and Value Kits.

The Value Kits starts at $199.95.  Here are Additional Details on the Various Packages, the Included Bonuses, and Purchase Options from the Official Website.

SizeGenetics Summary Review

I would like to add some additional words of wisdom here, but if you’re not already convinced that the SizeGenetics system is better than any other extender today … hell, here you go.  This is just too good a system to let it go guys.

  • One of the most comfortable devices available (58 Way Advanced Comfort System).
  • New 3M advanced comfort plasters
  • The SizeGenetics comfort and ultimate devices has 2,800 grams of tension, more than any other device on the market (almost 50% more than many!).
  • Fully Registered Medical Type 1 Device
  • 180-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Medically backed by several doctors who are experts in the fields of sexual health and wellbeing.
  • Real testimonials from real individuals.
  • FREE comprehensive penis exercises included with your purchase of SizeGenetics.
  • FREE online access to 54+ online DVD’s (no other competitor offers free access to LoveCentria – one of the best love making guides available).
    • Over 54 DVD’s of educational and sexually exciting content!

SizeGenetics Support

Not many companies have such a high level of customer service and support than SizeGenetics. Honestly guys, this is just the icing on the cake to an already outstanding product.

  • SizeGenetics provides discreet rapid global delivery with dispatch depots in the USA and in The UK.
  • They have complete after sale support.  Read that again ‘after sale support‘.  When most companies would not lift a finger to help you after the product has shipped, SizeGenetics goal is to help “Get the most out of your penis extender” and answer any and all questions.
  • When you buy SizeGenetics you join the ranks of over 54,000 members and get access to their forums with other customers to share advice and experiences.

Be very careful going with other devices that do not have anything from this list and could be potentially dangerous to those who try them.

Learn more about SizeGenetics and Purchase from the Official Website Here.

buy sizegenetics

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